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Moving or have moved job?

If you’ve moved job or have had pensions with previous employers now might be a good time to consider your pension options. Moving your pension can help you regain control of your own retirement income and get access to your pension earlier.

Being made redundant?

If you’ve recently been made redundant or are being made redundant it is crucial to speak to a pension expert as you could inadventinly reduce access to your pension when taking redundancy. We can help give you tailored advice on the best options for moving your pension. 

Returned from working abroad

If you’ve recently returned to Ireland from working abroad we can help you transfer your pension back to Ireland in a tax efficient way. This is important to ensure you have full control of your retirement income.

Pension scheme being wound down

If you’ve been notified that your pension scheme is being wound down then you’ll need to transfer your pension from the current scheme. Our experts can advise you on your options and make sure you avoid pension from an old scheme.

How our process works?

Contact our pension transfer experts

Contact us for a free phone consultation. We will work with you to understand your circumstances. On our call we’ll conduct a detailed questionnaire with you to find out if it makes sense to transfer your pension. Explain your options and advise  how we can help. Our objective is to provide you with impartial, professional and straightforward advice to help you make the right choice.

Seamless Pension Transfers

If moving or transferring your pensions make sense, our dedicated team will work closely with you to get the paperwork together. This can all be done through email with electronic signatures so no need to post paperwork back to us.

Selecting the new pension for you

We’ll present you with you pension transfer options making sure your new pension fund is the right one for you, has low fees and keeps you on track with your retirement date.

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I found Chris & Louise very helpful & Highly Professional. Chris explains everything in full detail. I would have no hesitation in recommending "Pension Advice". Thank You Chris & Louise
Aideen O Flaherty
I have used pension advice to switch providers. They are very knowledge and extremely helpful and efficient. I would highly recommend them a pleasure to deal with.
Desmond Shekleton
I couldn’t compliment Louise and Chris enough.From start to finish Louise was emailing, ringing and keeping me in touch every week. I would recommend Louise and pension advice highly 100% and thank you.
Sean Higgins

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