ICHH are one of Dublin’s homeless charities.

They provide day time drop in services, counselling and nighttime outreach services.

Tonality were engaged to create an authentic website.







The Tonality team as part of our discovery joined the ICHH volunteers on night outreaches and day time drop-in services.

The ICHH has a motto ‘never look down on someone, unless you’re helping them up’. This motto was the emotion we wanted ICHH website visitors to have.

The websites call to action of helping someone up was by either donating or volunteering.

Our vision for this project was to bridge the gap between those homeless and those not. 

We decided music by Irish musicians should form the theme. 

We produced photography that we felt represented homelessness and expressed the lines of some famous Irish songs.

By doing so it prompts the viewer to sing the words of the song in the tune they know whilst also looking at the homeless person. 

Provoking the thought that we are all the same. It is not us and them.

Music Concept .

The meaning of Tonality...

Tonality is a music reference, a tone is a sound. Much like how a music composer uses a sequence of tones to create emotion. At tonality we create websites and campaigns to make our clients' audience feel a desired emotion.